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Monday, July 20, 2020


"And like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again" - Anon

Theme: Emptiness

Another in my Covid19 Series. I wanted to convey the mood of our hearts feeling empty during this time. When thinking about this theme, I came across the above quote and loved how it conveyed what I was feeling. We need to go through this hard time, have things taken away, to really appreciate what we love and what we want most from life.

Sidenote: I also want to add that I am terrible at titles for my artwork. I can finish a piece and sit here for a few days trying to figure out a title! It's another reason I love doing this project. If I can't figure out a title, I just use the theme. Sure its not original, but its better than sitting here for days without a title or coming up with one that really doesn't fit.


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