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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Take Two

Take Two
"It is always possible to do a thing better the second time." - Henry Ford

Here we are again. Covid take two. For my state we went backward in our numbers and now restrictions. We have officially entered the second phase of the virus. 

One thing I have been thinking about during this phase two lockdown is what I didn't do during phase one. I believe I am not alone in wishing they had done more back in the Spring, like projects around the home, teaching or learning of a skill, and/or used the time to do something you usually wouldn't. There are things I did of course, but I look back and wish I had done a few others. Right now we have the holidays to keep us occupied, but looking at the new year I want to use this time efficiently and not look back and wish I had used the time home better.

Now for those that haven't shut down or changed their lifestyles as much or have relaxed since Spring, its also a second chance to quarantine, cut back on activities, and/or look at what actions you can do to help minimize the spread of the virus this time around. 

Whatever you do during this second lockdown, do it better!

Extra: I have two versions of this image. One for my specific state and our date of when regulations went backward and then the one that is a generic phase two. The generic will be used in my official Covid series and on my websites, but wanted to make myself a specific image to have for my own personal collection.


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