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Friday, August 31, 2018

September: Artistic Mission

Each month I plan to write on a particular theme, posed question, advice/tips or something that happens to be on my mind. Hopefully on the first of each month :)

In what seems like an era ago, I use to write for an online scrapbook magazine. I was the "10 tips girl". [I'd link you if it still existed]. Each month I would write an article that was 10 tips for whatever my monthly theme was, such as 10 tips for creating holiday layouts. I loved writing in this format. I'm very much a list girl :)

The only thing I love more than photography is making lists. I don't always finish everything on my lists, but writing them is one of my favorite things. I write lists for grocery shopping, to-dos, chores, vacation plans and goals for the month, etc. And since this is my favorite way to write, I want to incorporate this into this monthly writing here.

Not every topic I answer each month is going to fit into a "10 tips" format so I'm going to modify it from 10 tips to just 10 things. I will answer each topic or question by breaking it down into 10 parts. Then if the topic does equate to a 10 tips, I will do that as a 2nd post half way thru the month :)

And it just so happens this months theme works for a 10 Tips to Start Creating :) That post will be up on September 14th :)

This months theme is Artistic Mission.
"What is your artistic mission? Why do you create?"

Boy that is a heavy question!

1. First and foremost I create because I want and need a creative outlet. Whenever I am stressed with life, kids, my business, I find that if I can create, it destresses me. Whether that is shooting something new or editing photos I have already taken. 

2. I create for myself. I think everyone should create for themselves first. If you create for yourself and you love your art, then you don't need to worry what others think.

3. I create to bring enjoyment to others. I mean I'd be lying if I said I didn't want others to like what I create too! And it doesn't hurt when you get recognized for that art too!

4. To tell a story. My story. A fake story. A fun story. A creative story. Any story. I like to create little weird stories with my photography. I've never been a writer and never will be. Doesn't mean I don't have stories to tell :)

5. To have FUN! Seriously, if you are not having fun while creating, try it! Try something really out there, really creative, really crazy and/or silly. HAVE FUN while creating your art!

6. My artistic mission is simply to create artwork that was fun to create. I really love having fun with my photography. Whether I am creating a silly portrait or more fine art pieces. 

7. I also feel very drawn to photography. One of the reasons is because I think it incorporates many other creative forms in it. I love that I can tell stories like a writer, dress up as characters, use editing software, I can have fun with fashion, go antiquing, or design and prep a set. 

8. So where am I headed? I also think of mission as the word goal.  So what are some of my artistic goals? Right now its to get into more art galleries, and to do that I need to create more work. My goal for 2018 is to have 50 strong pieces I can use for submissions to galleries and publications.  I'm also shooting things for book covers and my portrait business, so we shall see if I can make that goal!

9. A big goal of mine is to create a full and complete series. I am the WORST at creating a series.  I like to create one note pieces and I enjoy doing that. It's more how my brain works.  However, I finally came up with 4 possible series ideas and I plan to see where they take me. I'm hoping to have at least one of them ready for 2019.

10. And the biggest goal and mission of all is to continue to grow, improve, learn, and hone my skills each and every day so my photography and artwork improves.

If you have a specific topic or question you'd like me to approach, contact me at :)


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