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Friday, August 17, 2018


"I was never meant to be kept in a cage or anything that resembles one. I was never meant to be trapped or enslaved by anything including my fears or my addictions. I am not just meant to fly...I am meant to soar. I must remember to never let anything enslave me. My life is too important. I am a brave girl. I was born to fly free." - Bravegirls Club

The above quote really sums up this piece perfectly. I found the quote after I finished editing this, however, I really think it explains what this piece means. I like to think it shows hope. That although we may be struggling, stuck, or trapped, that there is always hope or a way out. Keep pushing through and never give up. Keep looking forward. Don't accepted your stuck situation.

A little background:
I've had this concept written down for a few months now; woman in cage reaching for key. But I couldn't find the right cage for the look I wanted, so my idea just sat on paper. In April, I was in an antique store and saw this really cool heart cage. It was perfect! But of course it didn't have a price tag on it (that always seems to happen to me) so I walked away as the store was busy. I came back to it twice wondering if it would work or not and double checking that I didn't miss the price somewhere. Finally, I realized it would be too perfect and had to find out the price.  To my delight it was only $7! :) Once I had this piece, everything for this concept fell into place.


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